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The Wu-Tang Clan IT Team Support and Status Page

The game of chess is like a sword fight. So is installing Microsoft BackOffice.

The Wu-Tang Clan's IT Team Lead
10 October
External Services:
  • clcgamma
Here at the Wu-Tang's Thirty-Sixth Chamber Data Center, we have a simple mission: to provide remote access, database and application support to bangers, slangers, killas and hundred-dollar billas. We are working hard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, making sure that the the spiked baseball bats are clean, the Wu-Tang swords are navel-sharp, and that cash truly rules everything around us.

Please use the phone number given in your Wu-Tang Killa Bee Orientation Packet to contact us if you have further questions. If you have an Ol' Dirty Bastard hygiene-related issue and require immediate assistance, please dial *94 on any internal line.